Freeman Alee – Try (Over Come The World) (Prod. By Kafazz)

Download Music Freeman Alee – Try (Over Come The World) (Prod. By Kafazz)

*TRY* has already generated increased attention in recent weeks and has also enjoyed heavy dose amount of airplays in both online and offline radio station by OAP’s across the nation such as in Kano, Lagos and Abuja.
Reponding to the public demand following his hit singles *Boy*  and *Morire,* *FREEMAN**ALEE* aka The Rap Galactico is thrilled to announce the release of another overtly anticipated hit single *TRY*
*TRY*, a motivational and inspirational masterpiece, seeks to empower each and everyone of us having little or no Faith in ourselves. A self belief and self discovery song aiming to push us further on overcoming the world and it’s trouble s
*FREEMAN* *ALEE*,a rapper and a song writer, from the northern part of the country has been a rapper/musician all his life. His unique style of rap, piqued by *EMPEROR JAGZ* himself, reaches deep for a soulful expression of values in a troubled world.
Inspired by rap legends like *KOOL* *G* *RAP* and *BIG* *PUNISHER,* *FREEMAN* *ALEE* seeks to up the Hip/HOP and rap ante with a combo of a unique cloning style of Rap and Soul form of singing melody.
Need I say more???
Download and see for yourself..


Download Audio Freeman Alee – Try (Over Come The World)

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