Former Nigerian Lesbian and Club Girl Narrates Her Experience After Becoming Born Again

A former lesbian who has repented and now found God has narrated her experience saying that no one is born gay. 

Sophia Shola has narrated her experience as a lesbian


A former lesbian and club girl, Sophia Shola who is now born again has taken to social media to share her experience since stopping the act.


She said no one is born gay. 


“My neighbour asked me yesterday’ He said; did you get broke at the club hence God?


I responded you don’t get broke at the club, neither do you have money, do anything tangeable with what you had or make  life changing impacts.


When I left the club onlookers thought I was being unrealistic.


Lo & behold a day after my return to abuja from bible school, I got offered a placement as an acting pharmacist in one of the best Egyptian hospitals Abuja has @KatameyaFirstcallHospital off a conversation on the benefits of amala with no CV submitted.


You didn’t know I was a pharmacist right? You thought I wasn’t career minded? That’s what being away from the creator makes of you, a mediocrity.


Note that for every prayer rendered, an instruction is passed back, God is not a magician he needs you to co-operate work with him to have doors open. God gave Abraham instructions to follow before the blessings. Have you obeyed any, Do you even have the channels to recieveing instructions?


Mine was quit the club , draw unto me. As difficult as that may seem by grace I obeyed.




#GraceMade #KatameyaGroups #MTD#SeeYouAtTheTop” the girl wrote.

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