First Lady Wears School Uniform To Encourage Girl Education | Photos

The first lady of Malawi has left an indelible memory in the minds of many people after she was spotted wearing school uniform to encourage girl education.

The First Lady of Malawi, Getrude Mutharika has been pictured wearing school uniform during a fundraising fashion show at Kamuzu Palace, on Saturday. The first lady made her runway debut in a school uniform and carried a Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) branded school bag.

Speaking during the event, Mutharika said girl child education is a symbol of sustainable development since educated girls can ably take part in development activities.The show was part of activities at a fundraising state luncheon held at Kamuzu Palace which was organised by the Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) in support of girl child education


Mutharika added that women in the country should be helping and inspiring each other so that more women should be in leadership positions.


“Women should yearn to inspire one another to strive towards attaining leadership positions as well as engaging in entrepreneurship activities,” she said.

BEAM Trust which was established in September 2014 currently supports 1,000 girls and 75 of them are young mothers on back to school programme.

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