Exclusive interview with Paul Ogunlaja Sulcata ent

Exclusive interview with Paul Ogunlaja Sulcata ent

My name is Paul Olayemi Ogunlaja, I am the project manager of Sulcata Entertainment. Paul is the last son from a family of 7 kids, a graduate of Microbiology Lagos state university, an easy going fella, reasonably shy but also fun to be with.

What is Sulcata Entertainment all about?

Sulcata Entertainment is a brand directed foremost at Youth engagement, youth empowerment, business marketing and management. It helps people achieve their dreams and It is referred to as “the Gateway to the Youths”.

What major events has Sulcata Entertainment hosted and what did it require to plan/put it together?

We have hosted a lot of pageants and other related events and I must say it required finance and a dedicated team, but we keep getting better with each event.

How did your friends and family react to you wanting to build your own enterprise?

My friends had always known it was my way because it did not exactly start with Sulcata. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur who has shifted from Customized shirts designing, artist management and production. My family also didn’t have a problem with it as long as I never let it affect my study and grades.

How would you describe doing business in Nigeria, what is the most exciting part?

Business in Nigeria is difficult because it can really get competitive. The fluctuating currency isn’t also helping issues. I’m in the business of entertainment and when economic realities are harsh it can sometimes affect the business output. However, once you’re determined you keep staying afloat, you will always find a way. Nothing good comes easy.

If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t change anything. I’ll make the same mistakes all over, because it all has a role to play in who I am today and what my company has become.

I’m sure a lot of your events require the support of a team, how have you been able to carry everyone along?

Well, I have a team of like minds, I try to give everyone room to progress as they are all valuable assets to the team.
It is said that nothing great is ever achieved without inspiration.

Who would you say has had a really huge impact on you?

I would say my Ceo Mr Oraka Nnayelu. He has really helped to keep me on track and focused and is always quick to offer advice.

It has been fun chatting with you Paul, any advice for young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

I would say it’s only in your mind you stay limited, if you can think it, you can achieve it!

Thank you Paul for sharing with us today!

You have been asking
“Who Is She?”

To answer the question
SULCATA Entertainment brings you the MISS UNILAG 2014 Pageant happening from the 25th of August to the 26th of September 2014 at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

If the hype is as real as it looks, then UNILAG will witness a ‘battle’ and ‘celebration’ of beauty and brains as the search for a new Queen heats up.

According to Paul Ogunlaja, Project manager of Sulcata Entertainment, organisers of the MISS UNILAG 2014 pageant, the event is a celebration.

“It is one unique project of the University of Lagos that brings the whole school community and its environs together to celebrate talent, brilliance, hard-work, courage, beauty and brains.”

Often called the ‘mother of all events’, the ‘MISS UNILAG’ is the biggest and most anticipated event in the University of Lagos, “the pride of the whole school.”

The event promises to be HOT as Cythia Morgan, BurnaBoy, and other top acts will perform at the finals of the pageant on the 26th of September the Indoor Sports Hall, Unilag Sports Centre.

Major Pre-Events leading up to the finals include:

September 16 MEET THE CONTESTANTS: This is the 1st unveiling of the final 15 contestants to the student community. They will be invited to be seen on stage and will be made to talk briefly on a selected topic. The event is fixed for 4pm at the Freedom Square, New hall, Unilag.

September 18 PRE-PARTY: This is offers an opportunity to socialize and party with the queens, an exclusive Red-Carpet event. It will hold by 11pm at the Club Road Runners, Ibikunle St, off University Road, Akoka.

September 21 – 25: ROYAL WEEK: Several activities will be staged to further engage a larger student crowd and get them to benefit from the event. This will happen from 5pm – 7pm on each day at the Freedom Square, New hall, Unilag.

September 26: AFTER PARTY: To celebrate the victory of the queen. This will start by 11pm at Club Rumours, GRA Ikeja.

SULCATA has organised “Miss Unilag 2011”, “Miss LASU 2012” and “Mr & Miss Unilag 2013” and organisers say thye 2014 edition “has been designed to go a little further.”

Nvy told Student Pulse that the event is a “launch-pad to future greatness” for the participants.

“To empower the next generation of leaders by producing worthy ambassadors and role models that could represent Nigeria at both National and International levels thereby positively impacting the image of the school,” Nvy said.

So if you are wondering who she is, keep your ears to the ground and get ready to be wowed

Paul Ogunlaja The Project Manager of Sulcata Entertainment, 
A Lagos based entertainment outfit was in Abeokuta last week to attend the Funaabsu Concert. We had the opportunity to have a short chit-chat with him.

* F_O: Can we meet you?
* Paul: My name is Paul Ogunlaja, Project manager of Sulcata Entertainment and i am from lagos state.

* F_O: Can you shed more light on your family background?.
* Paul: I come from a family of seven, i am the last child, i am from lagos state like i earlier said, Epe to be more specific, but i was “born and raised” in Lagos state.

* F_O: Your educational background?.
* Paul: I am a Bsc holder from Lagos state university where i studied Microbiology, Secondary school; St. Gregory college (ikoyi), Primary school; Maryland convent private school Maryland.

* F_O: Any hidden talents that we should know about?
* Paul; Everything i have got, i have brought out to the public.

* F_O: What brought about Sulcata Ent.?
* Paul: Sulcata started about six years ago (2010). The company was registered in 2009, but i like to say 2010 because that was when we had our first event, in the University of Lagos FES awards, thats how Sulcata started. But the name Sulcata is the biological name of the animal “Tortoise’. I love the concept of a Tortoise (if animals can be related to the entertainment industry, then everyone wants to be like the Lion but almost all Folktales were about the Tortoise).

* F_O: Your next project?
* Paul: We are going to be hitting a whole lot of campuses this year.

* F_O: Other entertainment brands you work with?
* Paul: We are currently in partnership with List entertainment, a management company owned by Mr. Sunday Are who manages Omawumi, Wizkid and a whole lot of other artistes and he is a major influencer in the entertainment. Also we are in partnership with Mtv Base and Echo House, based in Ghana.

* F_O: Are you planning to take Sulcata ent. Internationally?
* Paul: Yes, thats the Ceos (oraka nnayelu) plan how soon i can not tell you because i believe in conquer your grounds first before going out, but do not forget that we have handled an event in Ghana.

* F_O: Any brand you would like to work with?.
* Paul: I would love to work with an international brand as big as the organizers of the Grammy’s and the Oscars.

* F_O: What has been your major challenge.?
* Paul: Financing. You could have a whole lot of ideas in your head, but without proper financing you can not realize any.

* F_O: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
* Paul: The truth is starting Sulcata i did not have a one year plan, talkless of a five year plan. We celebrated our fifth year anniversary last year and the theme was Ignition. Most people wait till they have a master plan. Anyways I see myself being on the top of the entertainment chain in Nigeria and with a lot of international recognition.

* F_O: Lastly, what would you like to say to up and coming entertainment brands?.
* Paul: Its only in your mind you stay limited, do not wallow in self glory, work till your mentors are envious of your success, keep doing it, do not ever stop.

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