Erotic Story: The Midnight Quickie – Lady Narrates S*xual Experience

Doyin had just had a very intense erotic dream, she realised that her panties were soaked. She stroked her lightly throbbing privates through her panties and considered waking Dele.

She awoke with a start. She could feel Dele’s hard body beside her and hear his deep breaths which showed that he was fast asleep.

Doyin had just had a very intense erotic dream. She dreamt that she was taken by a mean, horny man and f*cked within an inch of her life.

She felt such an intense arousal that, in waking up, she realised that her panties were soaked. She stroked her lightly throbbing pussy through her panties and considered waking Dele.

Perhaps he was up for a quickie. Her body was buzzing with desire and she needed and outlet. She reached out and tapped Dele gently, he did not move. She ran her hands down his chest towards his groin but that did not wake him either.

She kissed his neck and made her way to his lips. He awoke briefly and kissed her back, but fell back asleep immediately.

Doyin accepted that this was probably a lost cause. She reached for the drawer beside the bed and brought out her trusty vibrator. If she was not getting his cock, that would have to do.

She was so wet that no foreplay was necessary. She took off her panties, dropped it off on the floor beside the bed, switched on her vibrator, and with her legs spread apart, slid the toy into her waiting cunt.

As the plastic dick made contact with her sensitive pussy, she moaned. She slowly slid the toy dick in until her p*ssy swallowed the whole 9-inch length. She began to f*ck herself slowly, increasing the pace as she went.

Soon, she was slipping the whole cock inside her pussy and writhing in pleasure.

The sound of vibration woke Dele up. It took a second for him to realise what was going on. He looked beside him to find his fiance so focused on self-pleasure that she did not notice he had woken.

He watched her close her eyes and bite her lips as arousal overtook her. He watched as she slid the vibrator in and out of her p*ssy, causing the toy to be coated in her wetness.

He took a few seconds to observe her, ignoring the twitch and hardening of his own dick.

“Oh f*ck, Dele, Yesss…” Doyin moaned. Dele was glad to know he was the object of her fantasy even though he was not the one physically f*cking her.

He slowly moved his hand towards the toy and put a hand over her. Doyin opened her eyes, startled.

“What did I tell you about using your toy without permission?” he asked with a devilish glint in his eyes.

“I am sorry, honey, but I wanted a dick so bad.”

“Really? You are such a nasty slut that you wanted a dick desperately and you could not wake me up.”

She smiled seductively at him. “I did try to wake you up…” she started to explain when he interrupted.

“Oh really? So you then gave up and went ahead to f*ck yourself,” He said to her.

“You deserve to be punished.”

“No, please, have mercy,” she begged, with a hint of a smile.

“No mercy for you. You want to be fucked like a horny little slut, then you will be fucked like one.” He said. “Now, bend over, get that ass in the air for me.”

She did as she was told. She turned around so her ass was gloriously in the air, the way he liked it.

“Yes, that’s good,” he growled. “I want you to take that toy and continue f*cking yourself while I show you what naughty girls deserve.”

Doyin brought the vibrator to her cunt again and slid it inside. She was already even wetter with all the dirty talking between her and her man.

The toy buzzed loudly as it entered her pussy and she began to f*ck herself.

Dele took his position behind her and slid his dick into her tight asshole. Doyin cried out as the two dicks filled both her holes. This was certainly what a slut deserves, she thought.

She tried to meet her man thrust for thrust so both dicks are sliding in and out of her at the same time.

Her tight holes were wrapped against both cocks as she moaned and continued to f*ck herself. The sound of the vibrator and the sound of her man’s pelvis hitting her ass filled the room as both her holes were getting pleasured.

No doubt, her man’s dick was certainly bigger and more pleasurable and she moved her ass to meet his movements.

Soon, her p*ssy began to throb and she squirted a large amount of cum all over the bed.

“You came before I told you that you could,” Dele said and gave her a light spank on her ass. She cried out as the mixture of the spank and his dick driving deeper into her hole caused her to cum hard again.

Dele grabbed her ass even harder and kept shoving his cock into her faster and faster.

Doyin f*cked herself faster too, again and again… until they both climaxed with an intensity that nearly knocked them out.

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