Editorial: Letter of apology to ACU, CAMSSA -Hafeez Oshundairo

Letter of apology to ACU, CAMSSA -Hafeez Oshundairo

I, Hafeez Oshundairo and entire staff of Hamton Media would like to tender an unreserved apology to the entire lecturers and students of the department of Communication and Media Studies(CAMSSA) as regards the erroneous publication I made on my site  about the IB hostel incident which occurred 8th of April, 2017.

   I realized in the long run,the fact that I  ought not to publish the information gotten and that the subsequent publication from the erroneous information proved to have debilitating impact on the positive image of the department of whom I was a graduate and the university community as a whole.

In life, we are all bound to make mistakes and this was obviously an unguided moment of my growing career.

I did not, at the instance of publishing the information, adhere to the communication principles I learnt from the illustrious lecturers at the department’s disposal, whom I am deeply indebted to.

   As an individual who believes in progress and positive growth of any institution I am part of, I have learnt my lessons and truly regret my action.

I once again tender my unreserved apology to everyone in the department affected by my error and I really wish you find a place in your hearts to forgive my errors and inadequacies.

I won’t hesitate to counter the erroneous publication on my site and to redeem, as well as re-establish the positive image of the department and the University as a whole.

God bless Camssa, God bless ACU, God bless Nigeria.

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