Editorial: Has G-Worldwide taken Kiss Daniel as far as they can?

Editorial:  Has G-Worldwide taken Kiss Daniel as far as they can?

Editorial Has G Worldwide taken Kiss Daniel as far as they can 300x169 - Editorial:  Has G-Worldwide taken Kiss Daniel as far as they can?


On the 10th of April, the G- world wide entertainment artiste posted a cryptic message on Twitter. He tweeted “1 more year, I can’t wait” . The tweet sent Twitter Nigeria into a frenzy with many hoping it was the end of the singer’s association with his label.
Just last year, the Singer released his debut album to much acclaim and asides Wizkid, could boast of having the most fulfilling year. So what has changed for the Woju crooner?
With “New Era” the Singer has all but confirmed his status as a bonafied star within the Nigerian frame but so far since the turn of the year  he has been relatively cold and has no new offerings going into the closing stages of the first quarter of the year.
For many, he is simply not loved by Nigerian music elites but other top figures have pointed the blame to a no collaboration clause in his contract.
Thanks to a stellar debut album, the artiste is touring and performing round the globe. Relying on that strength alone is a wrong move and G-worldwide are to blame for leading the new star down the drain.
The ability of a label to manage various stars effectively proves their strength and very few Nigerian record labels can boast of that. Kiss Daniel is effectively killing his career while his counterparts are making career boosting moves, collaborating with other stars and building brands.
With Sugarboy dropping his debut album and all focus beaming on him from the label, it would be a long time before Kiss Daniel gets back on his feet and by then it would be a little too late for the music filled prospect.
There is still time for a ground breaking comeback for the music star but that ultra-competitive streak that has characterised his career ever since he was shunned for one of the most dramatic award categories in Nigeria before stunning everyone by flooring the awards ceremony the next year is fast fading.
He has been a much sought after act in the industry ever since he broke out but has been held back by the scandalous clause in his record label contract and that is proving to be a stumbling block.
As things stand, he might soon be forgotten if this hiatus of his is not stopped. There are  lot of ready examples to point the fact that the Nigerian audience is never a patient one. The moment you step out there are many more coming.
Without the “Laye” Singer, G-worldwide would lack some star quality in their ranks, but there is also the feeling that this team is no longer evolving either, with problems in effectively satisfying all their label acts proving a real mental block.
With a music fusion of both 2baba and 9ice, two Nigerian music greats,the singer still has the pedigree and potentials to work himself to the very top but from what is currently happening his present label  may just have taken this star as far as they can.
Akpofure Shedrack, a Nigerian music enthusiast, writer and social commentator pens down his views. Follow me on Twitter @king_K

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