Earl Sweatshirt – Hat Trick

Earl Sweatshirt has surfaced; it’s reportedly called “Hat Trick.” He originally performed the track during his Movement Festival set in May, but Red Bull Music Academy aired it shortly before broadcasting his show with Knxledge, Stay Inside, live from Detroit this week. In the middle of his new track, a playback error causes Earl to stumble momentarily, but he laughs it off. “Detroit, make some noise for human error,” he says, before continuing at the 1:23 minute mark.


Since the release of I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside back in 2015, Earl Sweatshirt fiends have had to rely on lo-fi loosies and unreleased material like “Solace,” “Balance” and “Death Whistle” to get their fix. During a special Detroit episode of his and Knxwledge’s Red Bull Music Academy Radio show, Stay Inside, earlier this week, Earl delivered a live performance of a new song straight from his stash called “hat trick,” which features a side of “human error.”.


DOWNLOAD MP3: Earl Sweatshirt – Hat Trick 

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