Drama as Thugs Break Into a Pastor’s House at Night…What They Did There Will Leave You Speechless

Thugs have shocked a pastor’s household after breaking into the cleric’s house at night only for them to so something hilarious.

Charity Njeri shows some of her sufurias that were used by a gang to cook chicken

Thugs broke into a pastor’s house in Mweiga, Kenya recently and did something funny there.

The thugs stormed the house and then went ahead to slaughter and even cook his chicken. After that, they then washed the dishes.

According to SDE, Pastor Joseph Muraya said the thieves got into his compound around 8pm and threatened to shoot them if they alerted neighbours.

“I came back at around 8pm and was surprised to see the gate half open. I heard the dogs bark and when I went out to check, I saw someone outside. I later realised there were five more inside,” he said.

They made away with property of unknown value after eating the chicken they cooked.

Deputy County Police Commander Peter Okiring’ said the police have launched investigations.

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