Drama as Convicted Drug Courier Escapes from Prison, Caught Later While Sleeping

A man who was earlier convicted by a court and reportedly escaped from prison, has been caught while taking a nap about few kilometers from the prison.

According to a report by Bulawayo24, a 19-year-old convicted drug courier who escaped from prison has been caught while taking a nap about 20 kilometers from the prison in Zimbabwe.

It was gathered that the teenage criminal reportedly escaped from prison after eating breakfast, but he was caught at a farm by prison wardens while sleeping

Eye witness reports revealed that a group of prison officers stormed the farmhouse where the escapee had taken refuge, broke in and arrested the snoring prisoner.

The source said; “The accused was caught at midnight in his sleep by prison officers who came and kicked the door down before capturing him.

“Kurerwa was always wearing the prison shorts, but he had hidden the shirt the very day he escaped in the bush.

“Quizzed by the guards on the whereabouts of the shirt, he subsequently led them to the bushy area where he had hidden it,” the source explained.

Meanwhile, Kurerwa was immediately sent to Guruve magistrate court for judgment of his escape.

Resident magistrate, Shingirai Mutiro gave him 12 months’ custodial sentence.

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