Drake Stars In Hilarious “T-dot Goon Scrap 2” Video On Brampton Youtube Channel

1494832572 fc393173d81c72bcf7c341294f8c291e 300x200 - Drake Stars In Hilarious “T-dot Goon Scrap 2” Video On Brampton Youtube Channel

Drake stars in a new sketch from the Brampton YouTube comedians who he sampled on “More Life.”

Whether it’s house legend Moodymann addressing the dancefloor on “Passionfruit” or JLo on “Teenage Fever,” the sample work on Drake’s More Life is most enjoyable. One of the more obscure samples doesn’t come from an old record but, instead, a parody video from the Canadian YouTubers who run 4YallEntertainment, as the outro of “Madiba Riddim” takes a snippet from video called “T-DOT GOON SCRAP DVD.” It so happens that the “T-DOT GOON SCRAP” sequel just dropped. Guess who shows up as a special guest?

Not only does Drake star in “T-DOT GOON SCRAP DVD 2,” the new sketch also includes a cameo from OVO producer Boi-1da. Drake can first be heard as the narrator of what is meant to be an infomercial for a compilation of fights situated in the Toronto suburbs. The fights poke fun at how the dialect and lingo — some of which you’ve probably heard on Drake’s recent music — livens up these relatively banal parts of the city.

Around 4 minutes into the clip, “A Man Like Drizzy” shows up on a couch next to the Brampton brothers behind 4YallEntertainment. In giving his final review of the show, Drake goes to a whole new level with his Canadianized patois, which is accompanied by hilarious subtitles. Though Drizzy respects the new DVD, he ends up giving it a rating of “tree” instead of the “10” that the brothers had hoped for. That’s when tensions quickly start to mount.

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