Dear Dammy Krane, What Is Your Real Age? The Internet Is Confused!

EThe question on the lips of many Nigerians on social media right now is How Old is Dammy Krane?

This became a confusing topic of discussion since last night when the singer called out Korede Bello. According to him, ‘I sang my first hit at 16-years, now I’m 23 years’.

His profile on Wikipedia is however extremely confusing. There, it says he was born in 1992 which technically should make him 25 years old. In the same profile, its also written that he signed his first record deal in 2012 at the age of 20 which should him 25-years old now. Though there are peopl who think he’s at least 27 years.

So the question is, Dear Dammy Krane, what is your real age?

See how social media is reacting below….

You were my senior sisters school father in providence. “Bukky black beans”. My sister i married with two kids. Daddy dammy krane you’re not 23. Stop lying 


Weren’t you 21 when you won the rookie of the year at 2012 headies?

Dammy Krane of Mars, that’s the only planet in our solar system where 2012 to 2017 can count as two years.

Technically, Ko Le Re Body.…
18 626 221 Mr. Jack Robinson


Abeg ooo… Dammy Krane was 22 in 2012… and is 23 in 2017…This dude can lie for Africa. Reason why Naija no send ur wack songs. Ode

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