Davido: Living The Luxury Lifestyle Of A Private Jet Owner (Photos)

Being one of the most talked about Nigerian pop stars of his generation, Davido is currently living the dream life of millions around the world.

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When David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly called Davido released his first hit single, “Back When” in 2011, no one was surprised that he would some day end up becoming one of the biggest music stars around.
Today, the musical superstar has not only earned a reputation for having the biggest ‘ego’ in the continent and beyond, but also, for being the most controversial, yet unstoppable singer from this part of the world.
Davido has released back to back hits that confirmed he’s ‘unstoppable.’ He’s also a show stopper any day, and many people see him as the true future of hip pop music in Africa. Like it or leave it, the ‘Áye’ singer has proved beyond every reasonable doubt that he understands the secrets of making good music, and he’s not leaving anything to chance.
Rewind back to when he released his debut song,’Back When’, Davido has not slowed down in his quest to conquer the world with his music just as he has not stayed away from controversy. To him, controversy, which is associated with fame has become his second nature and the sensational singer is enjoying every bit of it while it lasts. At best, he has developed thick skin as far as scandals are concerned.

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From 2012, when a picture of the pop star and a hooker in bed went viral on social media, David has forever been drawn into controversy. When his fans thought that the mess would never be repeated, another photo surfaced online with yet another hooker. It has been controversy till date.
Indeed, apart from what happened in 2016, after the sensational singer got into a nasty public fight with his baby mama, Sophia over the custody of their daughter, one controversy that Davido would not forget in a hurry was being linked to the death of his friend, Tagbo Umieke on October 3, 2017, an accusation that forced the singer to release the CCTV recording that exonerated him from the crime. He also lost other two of his friends, Olugbemiga ‘DJ Olu’ Abiodun and Chime Amaechi to the cold hands of death in one week.
Davido was also involved in other controversies that almost ruined his musical career but each time, he managed to wriggle himself out of such controversies. Recall the fight one of his aides had with security personnel at the Murtala Mohummed International Airport, Ikeja, and the bawl the singer had with South African actress, Boity, who reportedly accused the pop star of making sexual advances at her after his 30 Billion concert in Zimbabwe.

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But beyond his controversies, Davido remains one Nigerian singer you cannot ignore. He has continued to up his game, with every hit single he released. After releasing “Back When” which became an instant hit, Davido followed it up with another hit single, “Dami Duro”in 2011. Since then, it has been back to back hits, as if he’s yet to give his best. When his fans thought ‘Aye’ would be his best song, the very talented singer returned with ‘Skelewu’, which ruled the airwaves across the continent, followed by ‘Overseas’and ‘Globe.’ But his ’30 Billion’ which dominated the Nigerian music space throughout the greater part of last year, remains one of Davido’s greatest hits. The 30 Billion tour of America and Europe also was an indication of how big Davido has become on the world stage.
Besides, he also toured Africa with his ’30 Billion hit song’, performing to the cheering crowds at Kigali, Rwanda, Kinshasa, Brazzaville, Niamey and Dakar respectively. The gains of that musical tour are better imagined than said-increased popularity and commercial gains.
However, before dropping ’30 Billion’, Davido also released two other hit singles, “If” and Fall” that have gone diamond and platinum respectively at a time. His latest hit song, ‘Assurance’ which is currently being played at every nook and cranny of the society, will end up becoming the biggest song in Nigeria. The song, an ode to his girlfriend, Chioma Rowland who turned 25 recently, has become an anthem.
Controversial private jet
Davido’s announcement in May, this year that he was expecting the arrival of his new private jet generated a lot of heat on social media with tongues wagging that the ‘IF’crooner’s net worth wouldn’t buy him a private jet yet.

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Some also thought it was another gimmick like that of Psquare when it was rumoured that the singing twins bought a private jet. But the handsome singer shut their mouths after the jet landed in Lagos, amid excitement. Davido’s reply to his critics on Instagram definitely put to rest doubts of his ownership of the aircraft. He wrote, “Lmao, all of you, what is mine is Imade’s and what is my father is mine.” That triggered another controversy. Who owns the jet, himself or his father?
Furthermore, it’s not about who owes the jet, but the fact that the pop star who has been flying around the world renting jets is now about living the luxury life as the first Nigerian entertainer to owns the luxury ‘ride.’He has worked so hard to attain the heights he has today. And if acquiring a private jet would give him the comfort he desires in life, why not? After all, whatever belongs to his father, belongs to him. While tongues are still wagging, it’s being speculated that the jet would not only be serving the singer and his crew but also, it would be bringing returns to him, having once hinted that he would be going into the aviation business.
Davido and His women
Like all music stars, Davido has soft spot for women. Having been linked to many of them in the past, his relationship with his current girlfriend, Chioma appears to be more real thank fake.The Omo Baba Olowo’s (OBO) generosity to his new girlfriend, reached its peak when he presented her with a N45 million Porsche on her birthday.

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