Davido Is a Chronic Debtor!

Davido Is a Chronic Debtor!

The singer born in the year 1992 was thrown into the limelight in 2011. But this part of his history is not what is of essence right now. There is no doubt that his music has won him fans, his personality on the other hand doesn’t speak well of him.

More often than not, he has been on the news for series of bad behaviors. He accused Imade’s mother of being an addict, when her uncle came to the rescue, he attacked him too. His security officers were seen firing bullets in the air, a very reckless act that could have killed or wounded people. His quarrels with Wizkid, his involvement in the death of his friend Tagbo. The list would seem endless.

Let’s talk about this jeweler he owes 60million Naira. The man took to his instagram to complain bitterly about how he housed Davido and his friend for months in 2011. They had a business deal that was sure to bring in a lot of money. He claimed he bought them tickets to Ghana and then to London too. On getting to London, Davido was said to have requested for more money, the jeweler directed Davido to his mum who was in London at the time and she gave him $3000. He claimed that Davido and his friend absconded with the money and cut off contact with him. He filed reports and Davido continuously ignored the police invitation. He claimed to have been blocked by both Davido and his friend on different social media platforms. He shared a recording where Davido told him to better run for his life. The jeweler laments, he doesn’t want anything to happen to his family, he is willing to let the money go if it means the safety of his family is assured. In the comment section of the post, some persons confirmed that Davido was fond of owing people and it has ruined his friendship with a lot of people.

Now while we have yet to confirm that the story is 100% true, we cannot help but wonder why Davido and his friend responded to the post almost immediately. Why didn’t he overlook it if it was a scheme to get popular? Why was he so quick to comment twice? Why didn’t he put off the claims? Why did he and his friend make mockery of the guy? He asked “Part 5 dey?” then he added “loool”. The evidence the jeweler presents are very convincing but we will let you conclude.

Davido’s status as a celebrity is enough to make his fans blind to his faults. For someone whose father is supposedly worth over $700million, and someone who claims to have #30billion in his account, it’s quite a shame that he owes an ordinary 60million.


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