Curvy Ghanaian Actress Drops Controversial View on Gender Equality in Marriage

The issue of gender equality in marriages has been a hot topic of public debates in recent times with feminists pushing for equality.

Lilian Larkai

Beautiful and curvy Ghanaian actress, Lilian Larkai has become something of a sensation on the Instagram but not for her hot body or pretty face, but for her philosophic mind, as she continues to reel out life-inspiring messages to her fans almost on daily page on the Instagram.

The stunning beauty who emerged Best New Actress in Ghana at the Ghana Naija Showbiz Award held in Lagos, Nigeria, recently, is not jumping in the same wagon with pantheon of women who believe men and women should be equal stakeholders in marriage.

In a response to Potpourri’s question on equality in marriage, the actress was emphatic without any equivocation that men are the boss in a marriage.

“It’s not possible. A woman cannot claim equality with a man in a marriage. For a woman to be happy in her relationship or marriage she must first admit that a man and a woman aren’t equal,” she said.

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