Corpse refused to be buried until it took villagers to its killer’s residence (photos)

So many things are happening around the world which has left many thinking if they are natural occurrences or supernatural ones.Just recently, the video footage of a dead person emerged on social media leaving everyone shocked as to how it must have troubled the ‘undertakers’ who were taking it to its resting place.
gathered that on Monday, May 8, a man identified as Hagra Temboposted a video of how corpse refused to be buried until it took them to the resident of its killer.

Hagra Tembo posted the video with the caption: “A BODY REFUSED TO BE BURIED until it took villagers to a house where the person behind the death of the deceased resides…”See his post below:However, the state or village where this shocking incident took place was not disclosed but the villagers in that area were amazed at this revelation.

Corpse directing its carrier to the residence of its killer

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