Controversial activist, Stella Nyanzi reacts to the photos of the Ugandan students facing discipline for their outfits

Controversial activist and lecturer, Stella Nyanzi has condemned plan by Makerere University to discipline two female students who wore clothes deemed too revealing to a school function. See another photo of one of the students and Ms Nyanzi’s Facebook post.




“Policing and punishing adult women for what they choose to do with their bodies in 2017 is appalling archaic misogyny! When are patriarchs going to let women be? If you feel so proper, manly, moral and respectable, please sew all women long opaque sacks to wear in public and save your loins from erecting in response to our exposed raw red-hot bodies.

Imagine the whole Office of the Dean of Students at Makerere University threatening to penalise an adult student for her dress worn to a finalists’ party! This followed an inquiry launched by the police station on the university campus. Simon Lokodo’s ambiguous Anti-Pornography Act is spreading its poison into free society.
I summon all the goddesses that exist to protect femininity and freedom of (bodily) expression. Women in Uganda need deliverance from the ugly chains of these controlling misogynists! Fuck patriarchy at Makerere University. Why shame and punish an adult for how she chooses to dress at a party.”

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