Chioma Is The Luckiest Celebrity Girlfriend In Africa And Here’s Proof

Chioma would never forget all the support David gave her!
Davido ’s girlfriend, Chioma Avril Rowland, showed her kitchen skill with a preview of her cooking show at the man’s concert at the O2 Arena in London.
Without much debate, Chioma appears to be one of the most luckiest ladies to be in relationship with a celebrity even though a lot of people still stoop firmly on the belief that the couple’s relationship won’t last forever.
Without minding the skeptics, Davido and
Chioma continue to promise each other a love that will last forever. Recently, Davido reveals he has only one plan for his girlfriend, Chioma days after her Instagram account disappeared.
According to the singer, The plan is to get married to her. However if something goes wrong in future as the trolls predict, then we doubt if Chioma would ever forget all the support Davido gave her.
From buying her a porsche car to sealing a multi-million Naira sponsorship deal for
Chioma and the most recent where he gave her his platform To Preview her Cooking Show at the 02 Arena.
Chioma would never have been able to afford any of this we don’t care if their relationship doesn’t last, but I doubt Chioma would ever forget all the support David gave her!

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