Chinese Woman Sent to Kirikiri Prison in Lagos…Find Out Why

A 47-year-old Chinese woman who was charged with one-count of arson, was earlier today, remanded in Kirikiri Female Prison in Lagos State, by a justice of an Ikeja High Court.

Justice Hakeem Oshodi of an Ikeja High Court on Thursday, ordered that a 47-year-old Chinese woman, Zhen Zhen, be remanded in Kirikiri Female Prison for allegedly setting fire to a hotel and damaging the property.
She was charged with one-count of arson.
Ms. Zhen had her charges read to her by an interpreter because she does not speak English.
The charges were read to Ms. Zhen by Kennedy Kenneth in Mandarin.
After the charge was read to her, she said “I cannot say yes or no to the charge”.
According to the prosecution led by Mr Tiwaloju Aderoju, Ms. Zhen committed the offence on July 5, 2015 at Ernest Place, No. 28, Bamishile St., Allen Avenue, Lagos.
“The defendant wilfully set fire to the building of Mr Ernest Uwaneyem and destroyed part of the building,” Mr. Aderoju alleged.
According to the prosecution, the offence violated Section 341 of the Criminal Law of Lagos 2011.
Section 341 of the law prescribes a seven-year sentence for anyone found guilty of the offence.
Justice Oshodi adjourned the case until March 28 for trial

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