Cassper Explains Gives Reasons He Promotes Free Downloads

Cassper Explains Why He Promotes Free Downloads

Cassper Explains Why He Promotes Free Downloads: A ton of South African artists have regularly griped about fans who download their music with the expectation of complimentary saying that they are taking from them.

A considerable measure of the fans additionally concur with the craftsmen under the feeling this is the manner by which artists profit. After Cassper dropped his single Hase Mo State, the rapper advised his fans to get the melody in any case conceivable including downloading it for nothing and had a fan tell the rapper that he was neutralizing different craftsmen hustle by doing that.

Batho ba sokola jo. What should individuals do in the event that they can’t AFFORD to purchase music however they need to tune in to your music and bolster you? I was discussing my melody moreover. On the off chance that you truly can’t bear to purchase my tune, fakaza it. I welcome the adoration in any case. Go to my shows and rap along.


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