Cardi B Talks Pregnancy, Coachella, & Rumored Beyonce Collaboration On The Breakfast Club

Cardi B Talks Pregnancy, Coachella, & Rumored Beyonce Collaboration On The Breakfast Club

During the 45-minute conversation with Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy, the mom-to-be opened up about her baby with Offset. “It wasn’t planned,” she said. “It was just one night. It was a good night. It had to be that night.”

When asked if she thought about an abortion, the Invasion of Privacy MC said she decided to have the baby because she is ready to be a mother. “Kinda, sorta,” she explained. “No, I didn’t want to deal with the whole abortion thing. I didn’t want to. You know what? I’m a grown woman. I’m 25 years old. I’m gonna say this in the most humblest way. I’m a shmillionaire. I’m prepared for this.”

She also pushed back against detractors who are trying to turn her blessing into a regret. “Why do I gotta choose a career or a baby?” she asked. “Why can’t I have both? I want both.”

Cardi B also talked about ghostwriting allegations, Coachella, a reality television show with Offset, and her rumored Beyoncé collaboration. Read additional quotes from the lengthy convo below.

ON GHOSTWRITING ALLEGATIONS: “Pardison is not a ghostwriter. He’s a co-writer. I credit him on all the songs he’s been in. I even gave him a shoutout in the iHeartRadio Awards. The ‘Be Careful’ song, I heard the song. I was like, ‘I like this.’ It didn’t even have a hook or nothing. I just liked that verse. I was like, ‘I want this song for me.’ … I’m putting my people on. They making money. I ain’t pay him off and hiding him. He right there. He been knowing me since I was shaking my ass in Sue’s. I’m putting my people on. Atlantic noticed his working skills and noticed his music. They signed him too. Pardison got some money.”

ON MUSIC: “People have made it hard to enjoy. People have made it like it’s a job. At first it was fun just doing music I like. Now people have pressure for me, people want to put me in these standards I never asked for. I never called myself the greatest lyrical person. People expect so much from me. Don’t expect too much from me.”

ON COACHELLA: “On Wednesday, I will be flying in to L.A. and we are going to do 10-hour rehearsals until that day.”

ON A TV SHOW WITH OFFSET: “I don’t know. Sometimes, I be like, ‘No.’ When I see the money, I be like, ‘Doesn’t sound so bad.’”

ON A BEYONCÉ COLLABORATION: “No. People just be making things up. It was just an idea. You know when you hear a song, people be like, ‘This would be hot if this person is on it.’ People around you just be gassing things up.”


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