Cardi B Reveals New Tattoo Against Her Haters, ‘WE GON WIN’

Cardi B Gets New Tattoo Against Her Haters, ‘WE GON WIN’

Cardi B Gets New Tattoo Against Her Haters, ‘WE GON WIN’Cardi B has been experiencing a harsh time in the previous couple of weeks. She’s been standing out as truly newsworthy for a wide range of reasons, from savage episodes to melodic exhibitions for compassionate causes. In what is by all accounts an endeavor to honor this time in her life and harden her inspirational standpoint, the rapper got herself another tattoo.

Cardi Venom flaunted the new ink to her web based life. The photograph demonstrates the ink scratched into her skin, lettering that references a portion of the craftsman’s verses that were roused by a prevalent aphorism: ” Knock me down nine times yet I get up ten.” The tattoo alludes to the last piece of the platitude, concentrating on the positive result.

Her subtitle begins with a couple of huffing and puffing face emoticons, before she attests that she will keep on pushing the trouble with coarseness.

“😤😤😤WE GONE WIN KNOCK ME DOWN 9 TIMES !! Love my fans❤️”

Legal issues have been the latest addition to the new mother’s hectic life. Cardi turned herself in to the police and came out of the meeting with 2 misdemeanors charges. A date for her arraignment is scheduled for October 29. Meanwhile, she’s enduring digs from her rival Nicki Minaj on top of sustaining a healthy balance between work in family.

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