BUY TBC Now For A Low Price The Billion Coin That Ends Poverty (#Thebillioncoin)


NOTE: I SELL ONLY IN BULK; MINIMUM OF 5 TBC.Do you know that today 9th Febuary 2017:

    1  TBC        = N634,000
    1 BITCOIN =  N537,000
By 31st  March 2017, 1 TBC = N1,000,000 (One Million naira).

Let’s face it, for most people, they would never become a Millionaire in the “Real World.” The Elite have nailed down their entire system, and most people would never in a million years figure out how to become a
millionaire within it. On the other hand, thebillioncoin abbreviated as TBC has made it possible for everyone to become a millionaire. A one-time purchase of a $100 more or less
worth of TBC and six months’ time is all it takes. It doesn’t really matter how many TBC coins you get for $100 on any given day, these coins will appreciate in value daily and in six short months you will automatically become a millionaire. Even if you did nothing at all except make the $100 purchase one-time, you will automatically become a Millionaire in about six months. In the “Real World” if you figure out how to become a Millionaire cashing in on that status is pretty much easy. Yes, we now have our own exchange, and it works perfectly. Yes, we do have some merchants accepting TBC for payment in exchange for their goods and services. So, as  an Early Adopter of TBC, you will become extremely wealthy. Most of you will become Billionaires in the nearest future but this means you will be able to easily convert your TBC wealth into cash. Think about it! which is better? the “Real World” where it is nearly impossible to become a Millionaire, or TBC where it is easy to become a Millionaire. At least TBC offers the average person “HOPE” right? Hope that as we grow bigger as a community it will become easier to cash in; hope that goes beyond changing one’s life to actually changing the whole world to a better place for all of us. Focus on this HOPE! we will be able to forge a path to cashing in. It’s just a matter of time and effort. Let’s be real about this, OK! I hope this makes sense. The key to making this better; faster; is effort not time. Sure, with TBC no effort is required to become a Millionaire. Its up to everyone else to make this better. Just because you are not required to do something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something. You absolutely should back up
your purchase of TBC with some real effort. If everyone adopts this attitude, we could all be cashing in big time in the nearest future with our TBC fortunes. Think about that! You’d never expect to become a Millionaire in the “Real World” without making an effort, and you certainly don’t expect the “Real World” to give you any guarantees of success. So, why wouldn’t you be willing to make the million- dollar effort within TBC and contribute to the success that this will bring to all of us? That’s what makes the most sense. Support the thing that is making you so rich, that you may not even be able to figure out how to spend it all.
Support it! contribute real effort towards it! Become a TBC Hero! Be the example you want others to be. Thebillioncoin is goldmine my dear friends! has it
all. Contact me at GODWIN. or
call +2349067461752 for purchase. THANKS!

What is TBC

TBC coins are the most valuable currency in the world because they are the first “Abundance-Based” currency and during the wealth creation phase of our global currency roll out you have the opportunity to become Millionaires and Billionaires automatically from a single one-time purchase of TBC coins. Kringles are the smallest change of TBC coins and most of the Community prefer to refer to the units of value in Kringles instead of TBC. The main thing to understand is that we, by private agreement, will never let the price of our coins go down in value. It is a very simple Membership Agreement, but it is the “secret sauce” of an “Abundance-Based” currency.

TBC official Website: //

TBC Formula Video:

TBC Wallet Guide: //

I have TBC in Bulk and I got them so cheap months ago when it was so cheap. I sell so cheap so that others could at least have TBC coins. I have 5,000 TBC coins that I have put in the market only for this promo, the promo ends in SOON. After this promo, I will NOT sell it at such a price.

There are so many digital or crypocurrencies; TBC, bitcoin, litecoin, smashcoin, swisscoin, edinar, onecoin and so on. Bitcoin is the most expensive and TBC is second. TBC is the one that will soon overtake bitcoin.
How does it yields profit? It is to buy and keep for few weeks or months and then resell it at higher amount. The value increases daily by 5%.
Please do not miss this opportunity like so many of us did when Bitcoin came in 2009.
We cannot make progress in life without taking risk. This venture has no loss.

Microsoft and Google will launch their own coin next years. Microsoft have signed an agreement with top 20 banks in the world on cryptocurrency. China and India will make cryptocurrency official in there countries by next year 2017. Those who are wise to understand and invest now will smile tomorrow and poverty will end completely in their generation. The difference between the rich and the poor is INFORMATION and the ability to take risk.

This is not a scam; a fake TBC coin cannot enter your wallet.
I promise you that your payment is secured. You can decide the payment method suitable for you.
Contact me if you want to buy:
Phone: +2349067461752
 WhatsApp: +2349067461752
WHATSAPP: Add me to ask questions and get details: +2349067461752
TBC is an abbreviation for The Billion Coin. TBC is one of the  cryptocurrencies.  There are so many cryptocurrencies like TBC, bitcoin (btc), swisscoin, e-dinar, bitcoin, onecoin, swisscoin, etc


Tbc is is growing so fast.

TBC value grows daily by 5%. You get 5% profit daily for any TBC you have. Having just 10TBC can give you millions in 2months.
According to Richard Branson, CRYPTO CURRENCY will transform the world. Dangote, one of africa’s wealthiest takes risk, and he’s never afraid of new investment.
The Billion Coin (TBC) is a decentralized crypto currency like bitcoin but it operates in its own structure and formula which depends on the total growth of The Billion Coin community.
Richard Branson has already invested, he knows digital currency is the way forward, Richard Branson is already inviting investors, telling them to exchange bit coins to travel to space instead of paying cash. I am an investor in Crypto Currency, the BILLION coin. TBC is a digital crypto currency abundances base that launched on March 21st,2016

How TBC Works

Its opening price was €0.001 and has gone up in value by 5% ever since that day. TBC already has millionaires in its community and hundreds more will become millionaires this coming August and September. You too can be part of it today.
TBC is a true and complete decentralised crypto currency with a total coin circulation of 1 Billion coins. Fifty percent of those coins will be mined once all the stakeholder slots have been taken. This is the most exciting community on the Internet and it’s only going to get bigger, better and more contagious!
Here is how you can become a millionaire; first is by buying as much coin as you can and keeping it. The value of your coin will increase by 1- 5% daily. At 5% daily you have your money doubled every 2weeks .so all you need do is buy as much coin as you can and store them in your wallet and hold on to your coin till any time you wish to sell them.
TBC is on a mission to end poverty globally and equalize the rich and the poor. Don’t be foolish, thinking or pretending that you understand more about money or currency. You must realize the truth why and how you are on your financial status or condition right now, trying to dig the fortune in ground that could hardly be found.
What makes TBC Unique among Digital Currency?
TBC has a solid formula for its own value creation. It is based on the total number of holders (users/members) multiplied by 1 euro rated by 1% to 5% daily depending on the growth of the registered
TBC wallet confirmation for any transaction would take for at least 1 to 3 confirmations only before the coin value is fully transferred or received unlike bitcoin and other coins it would take from 6 to 10 confirmations to make it active.
TBC is so unique in terms of wallet features: it is the only crypto-wallet that has a global currency conversion options. It has a customized fees charge options for mining fee.
TBC has the ultimate price which is 1 billion euro.
TBC doesn’t need a market to produce its value.
TBC is a user’s based currency that makes it called as “the first abundance based cryptocurrency”.
Some ways to profit from TBC:
1. Attend TBC seminar near you and you will get buyers… They may buy at the current price. If you can, organize your own seminar. You will get so many people to buy from you.
2. Create your own market in social media
3. Exchange it for bitcoin in their site
4.Wait for the TBC to naira exchange platform to start I’m 2017.
5. Wait for the ATM card to be out in APRIL 2017
Join this revolutionary movement against paper money today.
For more on the billion coin visit You may contact SMITH for more info on +2349067461752

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