Bruno Martini & Timbaland ft Johnny Franco – Road

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Bruno Martini & Timbaland ft Johnny Franco – Road

Grab your boots and start a-walking. The road of broken hearts is long and cold, but it’s the only way to get through the pain and the freedom on the other side.

So is the tale of Bruno Martini’s latest single “Road.” It’s got a Western twist with twanging guitar over an upbeat rhythm, a cool country vibe over pop-dance production. Vocalist Johnny Franco brings a fiery performance for all you rough riders and little doggies. You’d never guess one of the biggest producers in hip-hop history came through the studio to bless the tune. Timbaland is no stranger to the dance music world, but you’ve never heard him get down like this.

“As a musician, it’s natural to seek inspiration from notable artists, and Timbaland has always been one of my favorite producers,” Burno Martini tells Billboard in an emailed statement. “His ear for what’s current and what’s classic, his ability to smell a hit from miles away, his knack for identifying great emerging acts, and his superb talent for creating sounds that are both innovative and timeless! He’s an inspiration to artists of all genres and it’s been a dream-come-true to work with him.”

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