BREAKING: Barcelona President drops Nyemar bombshell

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The much-talked about Neymar’s move to PSG may not see the light of the day as  Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu has declared that the Brazilian is not for sale.

Speaking Thursday during an interview at The Associated Press, Bartomeu said: “He is not on the market.”

Neymar joined Barcelona for the 2013-14 season, and last October the club announced a three-year contract extension through 2020-21.

Reports in European media have said Paris Saint-Germain wants to buy Neymar, who combined with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez to form an attack that led Barcelona to the Champions League title in 2015 and a pair of Spanish league championships.

Bartomeu says “he has a contract for the coming four years and, of course, we count on him. He’s part of our team. He’s part of this trident.”

Neymar’s deal includes a buyout clause that increases from 200 million euros ($230 million) in its first year, to 220 million euros ($253 million) in the second year, to 250 million euros ($288 million) in the third year.

Bartomeu says “these clauses are impossible to

activate, if you want to comply with the financial fair play. If someone doesn’t want to comply, then of course it can be activated.” 

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