Blessing Okoro opens up on failed marriage and house ownership saga to Daddy Freeze

screenshot 20190623 2136461485178517046192345 1104509017 - Blessing Okoro opens up on failed marriage and house ownership saga to Daddy FreezeWhile the internet never forgets scandals involving celebrities, it appears relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro is not going to let that stop her from moving on with her life. Currently buzzing on social media is her recent interview with Daddy Freeze .
The Instagram blogger spoke about several things from her failed marriage, starting her blogsite and her infamous house ownership drama with a businessman identified as Onye Eze.
While she opened up on quite a number of interesting things, she left many jaws hanging when she revealed she started dating her ex-husband and even became intimate with him at the age of 14. She went on to reveal that he was about 10 years older than her.
She revealed this when she was asked what inspired her to start the blog. In her words: “I started dating my husband when I was 14. We became intimate shortly after. He was about 10 years older than him. Against my parent’s wish, I got married to him at the age of 18; I had just gotten into the university.
When Daddy Freeze questioned why her ex would go for an underage girl, she came to his defense stating that she loved him and looked older than her age so it was easy for her to lie about it. Although she admitted that she still loves him, she stated that they can never be together because they aren’t compatible.
On the issue of the house ownership drama, the single mother of one admitted that the house indeed belonged to Onye Eze but her intention were never to deceive the public but to use the same model for her house. According to her, the post wasn’t meant to deceive people but to encourage and inspire them.
She explained that she was set up by friends of Onye Eze who lured her back into the compound and threatened to flog her with belts and made her do and say the things she said in the video.
She went on to reveal that after they made the video, the asked her to give them N500k if she didn’t want the video to be posted online.
She also revealed in the video she received threatening messages and that Onye Eze was also invited to the police station for questioning after the incident.

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