Banky W Reacts As INEC Spelt His Name Wrongly On The Ballot Paper

Banky W has voiced out after INEC made an
error spelling his name wrongly and
misprinted his party logo on the ballot
Banky W, a singer and the candidate for
the Modern Democratic Party (MDP),
currently contesting for Federal House Of
Representatives in Lagos, took to Instagram
to call out the electoral body for misspelling
his name and misprinting his party’s logo.
He said;
It turns out that logo that will show for
MDP on the election day ballot papers is
wrong. We have tried every possible option
to see if the ballot papers can be reprinted,
but that is unfortunately not possible. So we
move on’.
He went on to say, ‘no sense crying over
spilt milk. The good news is WE ARE ON
THE BALLOT. You will see “Modern
Democratic party” on the ballot with this
new logo… so PLEASE help us repost the
logo everywhere. We are also reprinting as
much campaign material as we can. We will
not be deterred by any obstacle. We will not
be discouraged. We will focus on the finish
line and forge ahead. No weakness.
No regrets. My last name was also misspelt,
but that’s a non-issue because you won’t see
candidate names on election day, just party
names, acronyms, and logos. Please
remember the Modern Democratic Party.
God bless you


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