My baby Mama Flirts A Lot Even Do She Helped Me Get To Where I Am Today – Please Help

Dear Dan,

Good afternoon to you. Please I need advice from you, I met my baby mama late 2013, and we don’t have courtship for long before she had a pregnant for me in April 2014.

She told me then she broke up with her ex. To cut the story short, she got pregnant and i accepted it which i later began to hear her story that she used to date many guys.

Despite all the odds I decided to stick with her cos of the future of our unborn child cos I don’t want him to experience a separate family care. I later traveled to Dubai for a green-land pasture in 2016.

It’s now when i got here I checked on her messages on facebook and saw numerous guys that have had an intercourse with her, dating many guys at a time, though that was before we met.

My advice now from you is, pls I dont know what to do now, because she always give her no out to guys that asked for it and will tell them to chat her on whatsapp knowing i will be getting her conversation on messenger cos i once accused her.

Though she had helped me a lot to get to where i am today. Now i’m confused. Please need your advice. I’m a yoruba guy from Nigeria.


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