Azealia Banks Pleads Guilty In Breast Biting Case

Azealia Banks Pleads Guilty In Breast Biting Case

Azealia Banks landed herself in hot water last year after missing a court date over a 2015 assault case and now the singer has plead guilty.

Azealia appeared in front of a judge on Tuesday to answer to biting a female member of New York’s Up & Down nightclub security in the breast while being escorted out of the venue. Banks was able to get her misdemeanor assault charge dropped after completing anger management, but had to admit to disorderly conduct.

Judge Angela Badamo was pleased with Azealia’s efforts to rehabilitate and said this about the case:

“It looks like she satisfied the requirements for the misdemeanor charge to be withdrawn.”

Banks shot a sultry music video for “Soda” last month and is preparing to debut a new song called “Anna Wintour” with Ebro later today.

See her post about “Anna Wintour” below and expect Fantasea II: The Second Wave to arrive later this year.

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