Are You Too Dependent on Technology Nowadays? These are 8 Signs That Prove You Really are

Are you too dependent on modern day technology to run your life and business? These are certain signs that prove you are. 

s 62680 - Are You Too Dependent on Technology Nowadays? These are 8 Signs That Prove You Really are

There was a massive ransomware (which is not over yet) attack that affected over 150 countries and more than 200,000 computers last week. So many services and businesses were disrupted. Presently, according to reports, $57,282.23 in ransom had been paid to the hackers to allow people and businesses access their computers.


A ransomware named ‘WannaCry’ has been blamed for the unprecedented disruption. This simply shows how heavily reliant we are on technology. In line with this, Jumia Travel discusses this and other signs that show you are relying too much on technology to run your business.


1. Everybody is on break because the Internet is down


Whenever the Internet is poor or down, it automatically means that your employees are grounded. They cannot do anything. This is not good. Your workers should know that they can still get jobs done even if the Internet is down.


2. You automate all your responses


Your customers think that they are chatting or interacting with a human but unknown to them, the messages are automated. Quite a number of companies automate emails and social media replies. If you lose the human interaction with your customers, you are depending heavily on technology.


3. You do not talk to people about your business


You do not forget offline marketing because you have nailed online. It does not work that way. So many people may need your service that is offline. So, no matter the number of sponsored ads online, still talk to people about what you do.


4. You are messaging a colleague sitting beside you


Instead of talking with your colleague, who is sitting beside you, you messaged him on Skype or WhatsApp. This is uncalled for.


5. When you misapply it


If you use technology to connect with and service customers faster, then you won’t have any problem. However, if it is to replace connecting with and servicing customers, you are seriously misapplying it.


6. You lose your clients


Transferring your business online simply means you are embracing modern day trends. However, this should not be an excuse for you to remove the human touch out of the day-to-day operations of your start-up. You will need to educate your customers on the new way to do business with you, especially if it is an older customer. If you refuse to do this, you will lose your clients and loyal customers who are not tech savvy.


7. You lose all files when there is a hack


There is nothing wrong with keeping your files and all your businesses online. But you should know that you don’t have to depend 100 per cent on it. This is because hackers are desperately working to bypass even the strongest security in order to hack websites. So, if you know you will lose all your files when there is a hack, it may be time to rethink how you run your business.


8. You don’t know anything about the business


There are entrepreneurs who deplore technology to the extent that they do not know how it works. They do not even take time out to apprise or familiarise themselves with how technology impacts their business.

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