Angry Villagers Finally Trap and Kill Dangerous Leopard that Killed Nearly 100 Livestock (Photos)


A deadly leopard that has been terrorizing residents of a community has finally been killed.
A leopard that has been attacking livestock and humans in Peddie, Eastern Cape in South Africa has finally been killed.
Villagers set a trap for the leopard that reportedly attacked a man and killed close to 100 livestock in the area before the villagers decided to take matters into their own hands.
The big cat was first spotted in June leaving villagers in great fear, according to Dispatch. But on Friday, villagers managed to trap it while it was attacking goats. 74 year old Lindile Mbilana, was attacked by the leopard last week Sunday.
The elderly man managed to fight it off and escaped with scars on his face, hands and body. Mbilana said he had to be taken to a doctor for medical attention.

“I can still feel pain even today,” he told the Dispatch.

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