Abolish Quackery In Health Sector To Arrest Untimely Deaths – NURHI

Abolish Quackery In Health Sector To Arrest Untimely Deaths – NURHI


Oyo State Team leader for the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI), Mrs Stella Akinso on Wednesday asked government to immediately abolish quackery in the Nigeria health sector.

Mrs. Akinso made the call in Ibadan in Ibadan while speaking at a Media Round Table on ‘Save Motherhood’ organized by Development Communications (DevComs), Network in conjunction with NURHI.

Mrs. Akinso pointed out that in doing this, it is now time for the government in the country to impose stiff penalties on quackery in and across the health sector in the country.

“This is the time government need to do something about quackery. You are educated and you have the opportunity to go to Adeoyo or UCH, what about the women in the village? When there is quack, there will be more complications, the government have to do something about it because a quack will recommend anything to patients” she said.

The NURHI team leader maintained that the increasing wave of quackery in the health sector has resulted to the untimely death of many Nigerians, adding that “penalty or punishment for quacks is important in order to deter others who engage in such act”.

She stressed that the Media Round Table was to ensure that women are free from complications prior to, during and after child birth, saying there is the need for governments and private individuals to allocate substantive amount of money for all areas of health, such as the  family planning, abolish quackery through employment of medical personnels such as doctors and nurses and increase funds when necessary so as to avert such cases of wrong prescription and administration of drugs and injections on innocent Nigerians.

Butressing the call for the immediate abolition of quackery in the Nigeria health sector, the NURHI Team leader cited the outcome of the coroner inquest into the death of Senator Isiaka Adeleke which attributed the death of the Senator to the ainistration of drugs on him by a man established to be a quack, saying, ” if the person is not punished, more people will die as a result of such act”.

“The report which indicated that Adeleke died of drug overdose administered on him by unqualified personnel must be looked into. The government should do something about it”.

Lamenting that many people have died as a result of wrong prescription, recommendation and administration of drugs and injections, the NURHI team leader tasked the federal government to make laws and implement laws that will provide stiff penalty and punishment for quacks which are all over the country.

“I just know that the government will do something about quackery. I  learnt that the man who gave him the injection is not qualified as a doctor. He is a quack. This guy has been treating him for a long period and is a quack.

In his remarks, the former Chairman of Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Dr. Muideen Olatunji urged Nigerians to henceforth be patronizing experts and not quacks in order to get quality health.

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