As an entertainment reporter of over a decade, who has equally interviewed and has personal contact with almost all fuji musicians in the country, i’m very bold without any fear of contradiction to say that the famous and fuji star, Asiwaju Abass Qudus Obesere is the most humble and accommodating fuji musician, his diplomacy and humility has no second.
My first relationship and personal contact with the Ibadan born Fuji act started some years ago when I was the entertainment reporter of AKEDE AGBAYE Magazine, there was a story in one of our publications that he might considered to be negative and unfavourable to him. As the writer of the said story I have prepared myself for a showdown with him but unlike other artistes, The paramount King of Fuji, as he is fondly called proved me wrong, he eventually put a call to me on Monday afternoon, after the said story had hit the newspaper stand.
The very first thing he said was ‘Taofik, paddy mi, paddy mi to sure, how are you today, how is our paper AKEDE AGBAYE doing. My own Taofik, don’t you know that Obesere belongs to AKEDE AGBAYE, AKEDE AGBAYE belongs to Obesere, paddy mi why did you that to me?’
Sincerely speaking, I was short of words for few seconds, before I was able to pick myself again, I apologised for any havoc the story might have caused him and all was settled amicably without any hard words from both sides. Since then, we have became partners in progress.
Secondly, when my former employee was looking for a fuji artiste to do a promotional jingle for the newspaper, I suggested Obesere to the management and I was asked to get him and to my highest surprise, Obesere did it free! The same promotional jingle that took another Ibadan born Fuji Act weeks to do after he has collected his fees.
Thirdly,one of my friends, a journalist was given an assignment to interview Obesere and requested for his number from me which I did immediately and this my friend put a call across to him in my presence despite not being familiar with the caller, Obesere’s first word to him was, ‘ How are you paddy mi, my brother’ when my journalist friend eventually introduced himself as a media personnel, Oba Idan treated him like a king and after the conversation this my friend said ‘ Are you sure you gave me Obesere’s number, the person that spoke with me just now treated me as if we have known each other for long’
I replied him that the person was Obesere not any other person. My friend conducted the interview successfully without any problem or endless phone calls that is common with some other artistes.
Similarly, one Monday’s morning I was inside a commercial bus and commuters were discussing about fuji artistes and their various behaviours,Obesere was the only fuji star that got pass mark that day,they all had one good comment or the other to say about this well mannered Fuji act.
In conclusion, i’m not saying that Obesere is a saint, but i’m very bold and confident to say Omo Rapala is an Omoluabi to the core.

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