2019 ELECTIONS WILL BE HOT – Bold Political Statement By Kapon Empire Boss, MC Snillow


Bold Political Statement By Kapon Empire Boss MC Snillow


Self limitation is never an option when it comes this young man called MC Snillow. Incase you have never come across the name, he is an entrepreneur, an activist, a musician, a script writer, a humanitarian, and  a philanthropist.
As an entrepreneur, he is the CEO of Kapon Empire records, www.kaponempire.com a record label  that has presented to the world wonderful acts like Donadon, Aking Supason, PG, and Stakez Cheddah, with a whole lots of others that would soon join that list. He also talks about expanding into movies and clothing.
As an activist, he uses the power of music to address important issues happening in the country and beyond. When his first single -‘ I STILL SEE NO CHANGE’, and a fellow up song- ‘THE NIGERIA POLICE’ was released, it was obvious that, MC Snillow is fearless like fela kuti.
He is a true philanthropist and humanitarian who goes down to the ghetto to gather young people,  inspire them and take them back to school, and this is something he has been doing even before he decided to officially join Bube Agbalanze’s
RUBIES OF CARE AND COMPASSION AFRICA also known as ROC FOUNDATION. With such a wonderful heart, we were not surprised, MC Snillow teamed up with The international Humanitarian and Mis Goodwill Ambassador, Queen Constance Uzoma to carry out #PYEE2018, a one week free youth empowerment and entrepreneurship project carried out in Anaku village in Anambra state in the month of march.
His journey to success has witnessed lots of ups and downs, but he is still  persevering and breaking through every barrier. During our discussion with him, he made it clear that kapon empire records will put out lots of work this year after they released the highly anticipated Fake boi music video by donadon. And hopefully, get the world to pay more attention to them through the works they put out. rap music news
There is no way we could end our discussion with him, without getting his views on the on-going situation in the country. After laughing over the current Nigeria administration and her eagerness to return in 2019, MC Snillow stated-  its clear this administration has lost it. “In 2019, They can only win through rigging, which won’t be easy. And any attempt to rig this election so they can return will lead to crisis in the country, so 2019 elections will be hot.”.

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