18+ Story:- “It Was Her Husband (Episode 5 & 6)

 Episode 5 

She was so feisty in her own style and she would often laugh and call my name in a whisper (ha ha ha ……Mouth) and suddenly ride me fast with a long hymn of “uuuuugh…… uuuuuuugh…..yeah…..fuuuuuuuuuuck”. I was becoming afraid, praying she doesn’t do some abracadabra stuff.

I lifted her up and stood with her thinking to myself ‘if this was a buggy ride, i’d better hold the reins’.

Hanging her body in mid air, i started slamming her pusshy hard from underneath, in an upward direction her until i heard the words “i’ve not done this style before”.

It came out like a plea, like she was complaining about her sweet excitement. She was getting heavier and my thrusts slower, so I lay her on her side and entered from behind her, we were lying side by side and she started moving her waist back to meet mine.

It was a nice and beautiful position, i started thrusting faster and harder, she moaned and moved to meet my pace.

She was moaning, i was grunting and we were bleeping. My d1ck started thrusting freely, she was wetter and suddenly she whispered “i’m coming”.

Her words seemed to stimulate my own hormones and i felt myself about to come too.

In a couple of seconds, she moved her buttocks back to meet me with such force and i retaliated with the same equal force and then she cried out “oh my God……… Mouuuuuuuuth” and as i thrusted away, i jerked and felt myself come too.

We lay down there for a while and since her family was not back, we got out strength back and was on round two when we heard their car drive in.

She quickly dressed up and waited for them all to go onto the house, then stayed in my house a couple of minutes more before she went out the gate and back in, heading straight for their house. I watched her from my window as she reached their burglary proof, she knocked and her sister came out and opened it for her.

Then i stared at my junior and warned him “don’t put me in trouble oo”.

Then having had a beautiful evening, watched a movie and slept innocently. How was i to know what was in store waiting for me the next day.

This went on for weeks. I now intentionally tried to avoid her mum but on a few occasions when i didn’t go to work, she would ambush me and i would f–k her.

Her daughter knew her mum was a bit promiscuous but she didn’t know what was actually going on between us so she kept bleeping me as well.

I was having the best time of my life. None of my side chicks visited me again cos i was having frequent s-x whenever i needed it….in fact, the s-x seemed to need me cos i’m more often the one who gets invited. And so it went on and on.

I had a co- tenant who’s married and has two kids, drives a cab and claims also that he’s a pastor. His wife on the other hand is pretty……. aaaaaaaannnnd bootylicious.

We (i mean fellow guys and men in the compound) always find ourselves staring at her backside in the morning when she’s
wearing only a wrapper and getting her kids ready for school.

You need to see how her buttocks bounces when she walks. She sells food, you know the mobile restaurant kinda stuff.

It happened that their refrigerator got spoilt and she started using mine to preserve her fish/meat which she’ll use to cook the next day. After her husband and kids have left, she would come to retrieve it and start her cooking.

Since my job doesn’t require early departure, i’m always at home when she comes for the fish. Then i noticed that the way she chats with me started changing in a pleasant way.

She would always smile and dim her eyes, often times she would laugh and put her hands on my hand or chest.

I intentionally ignored the thoughts going on in my head…..not another married woman living in my compound.

One morning, she knocked and greeted me “good morning big bros”. I replied and went to get her fish, she went with me to the kitchen (which is normal). I retrieved it, gave it to her and was chatting with her when she started her ordeal again.

I was instantly aroused and i turned around so she wouldn’t see the growing bulge in my g—n since i was only putting on a boxer short.

She didn’t seem to want to leave and i didn’t seem to have the will to end the conversation. It suddenly occurred to me that i might be the only man in the compound (other than her husband) who’ll get to Bleep her if i should.

The thought of beating other guys to it made me smile satisfactorily. I didn’t know that while engrossed in my thoughts, i had turned to face her with the smile on my face.

I suddenly realised that she’s no longer talking and was looking into my eyes with a smile on her face. She must have seen my arousal or maybe not.

As i kept smiling, i headed for the door and she spoke, freezing my steps. I turned and stared at her while the words “you think say i no know say you dey f*uk madam and Joy” rang in my head over and over again. I didn’t know what to say so i stood there, wondering what to say or do.

 Episode 6 … 

Then she told me not to fear because nothing dey happen. She went on and told me how she was at home and overheard our
noises (s-x), and how she envies them cos she knows that they must be getting it good.

And how her husband neglects her after bleeping those ashawo outside before he gets home.

From her facial expression, she seemed hurt talking about it and i was touched when i saw that. I felt sorry for her and went closer to cheer her up.

She brought her face down, i put a hand on her shoulder and was consoling her when she just grabbed my d1ck which has been erect all this while (obviously it disagree to feel sorry for her).

I was a bit surprised at her boldness but I didn’t make any move to stop her. That was a sign that i was glad she did. She stroked it and then knelt and freed it from my boxer’s entrapment (still in shock).

She made an “oh!” and i guessed she must be satisfied with what she saw. She put my d1ck in her mouth and rolled her tongue over the tip. Mehn…..she’s got the digs.

With that first impressive touch, i started wondering if her husband is crazy. She kissed it and started sucking it. I reached a
hand down and fondled her b—–s. She was so good at it that she almost made me come and I’ve never come before while being s—-d.

I stood her and took off her wrapper, her b0obs were nice but not as nice as her hips. I turned her around and stepped back a bit, staring at the most beautiful Unclad round buttocks my eyes had ever seen. She smiled and put her hands akimbo and shook her buttocks.

She must have seen the hunger in my eyes cos she asked “you like am abi?”. I didn’t need to reply her cos i rushed over, bent her over and gently slid in my d1ck. It was tighter than i had expected from a mother of two.

As the cap of my d1ck slid inside her Well, she gasped in pleasure and gently moved her a-s back to swallow me whole (Just by writing this story makes me want to f–k her again).

She was wet but not too wet. Just wet in the right way to enable my d1ck slide in well enough to also feel her vaginal walls massage it all the way.

She made my landlady and her daughter seem like amateurs. She started grinding her asss against my waist slowly, then moved it up and down in the same slow movement.

As i stared at her buttock’s movement, the only thing that came to my mind was t-pain’s voice singing “up, and down, up, and down,” from the chorus of “all i do is win’.

She would make the sound “shhhhhh……aaaarrrgh….hmmm” very softly that they were barely audible and lick her lips a few times. I moved my waist and began thrusting slowly.

She made the slow pace seem like the best pace for f*cking in doggy style. I moved her closer to the wall and made her stand up, she bent a little to give me good access from behind.

With her buttocks out, i held it up and apart, then i let my d1ck slide in full and completely out. Then in and out it went a couple of times before i left it inside her pusshy and f*cked her.

She stood on her toes to enable her bounce and meet my thrusts. I seem to be hitting her spot real good. The kitchen wall seemed to be helping me out with her b—–s as she rubbed them against it.

I pulled her away from the wall, held the two cute b—–s in both hands and squeezed them as i f*cked her. Her body was soft, and the way her buttocks lapped against my g—n was threatening a quick c-m.

I stopped thrusting and rotated my hips, she loved it and encouraged me with a smile. I was making single deep thrusts when suddenly……….a thick voice called out her name.

What the f–k? It was her husband. i said to myself “you don die today”.

To Be Continued Tomorrow… Watch Out!

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